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Report: Human Trafficking in Argentina

A program in Argentina is designed to develop measurement alternatives with objective indicators that involve citizen participation

Argentina: Estrategias de prevención y sanción en la lucha contra la trata de personas: El rol de las redes de la sociedad civil en la prevención de la violencia, crimen y conflictos sociales, a la luz de la Agenda 2030.

In Argentina, human and drug trafficking – underpinned by organized crime and corruption – impact some of the most vulnerable populations in the country. Young women are particularly susceptible to trafficking, suffering numerous human rights abuses and victimization as a direct result of these crimes.

In direct response to the identified need to impact Argentinean trafficking legislation, Argentina requested assistance from the Global Alliance to conduct consultations with civil society actors to enhance the space for these vulnerable groups to have a voice in policy formulation.

Bringing together diverse stakeholders within a country’s social fabric facilitates the understanding necessary to achieve dynamic and impactful results.

Currently, there is legislation before congress on these issues and the consultations brought together a community dedicated to ensuring that legislative reform and relevant initiatives to support its implementation are evidence-based and informed by affected groups.

This initiative brought together UNDP, UNHCR and other UNCT members; Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Under-Secretary for Access to Justice); Executive Secretary of the National Society Policy Coordination Council of Argentina; civil society network and Argentina local Global Compact Network.

This project put elements of the judiciary in Argentina in direct dialogue with civil society organizations in order to overcome this problem.

This workshop was instrumental in not only raising awareness among key actors of the anti-human trafficking movement regarding the international experiences of crime and violence prevention but the discussions and proposals resulting from the workshop are being used to positively contribute to the enforcement of the Argentinean law on combating human trafficking.

Dr Edgardo Buscaglia – a well-known international scholar and a practitioner within the field of law and economics – opened the workshop with a presentation that stimulated a high-level technical debate and identified a direct connection between the Italian experience and the Argentinian experience in regards to issues surrounding human trafficking.

Young women are particularly susceptible to trafficking, suffering numerous human rights abuses and victimization as a direct result of these crimes.

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